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Our Services

Our comprehensive block management service is designed to ensure that your property is maintained to the highest standard. All our budgeting and service charge tasks are handled by qualified in-house bookkeepers so you can be assured that the finances of your property are in capable hand.

When you appoint us to look after your block we will:

Provide clear and easy to understand annual budgeting proposals

Issue service charges and receive payments from leaseholders

Perform conscientious credit control

Visit the property regularly

Oversee and manage service providers such as cleaners and gardeners

Maintain a detailed property information file

Instruct and monitor maintenance and repairs

Administer larger cyclical projects such as redecoration

Call, chair and minute annual general meetings

Assist with challenging lease issues

Ensure your property is fully compliant with regulations including fire safety

Source the very best building insurance rates and policies

Undertake all Company Secretarial duties

Actively communicate with directors, leaseholders and tenants

As a small team we also know the importance of being available to you and acting conscientiously, in a professional and approachable manner. To achieve this we:

  • Provide direct access and contact with the property manager, including mobile telephone
  • Answer correspondence swiftly with knowledge and consideration
  • Attend meetings both in and out of office hours
  • Treat all parties with respect and professional courtesy
  • Actively seek ways to improve and advise you about your property