What is the Right to Manage?

The Right to Manage (RTM) is for leaseholders who wish to take back control over the way their building is looked after. 

Freeholders and their agents often manage their buildings, but gaining the RTM allows leaseholders of blocks of flats to take on this responsibility themselves. 

Put simply, the RTM is a transfer of power from the freeholders of a building to the leaseholders. Importantly, this can be done without leaseholders having to get a court order or prove that there has been mismanagement on the landlord’s behalf. 

How can leaseholders do this? The answer is — by setting up a dedicated RTM company to oversee the management of the building. 

Why would you want to set up an RTM? 

If you’re tired of high service charges, the amount of time it takes for your landlord to organise simple repairs or their lack of effective communication, you might be better off taking on their responsibilities and managing the building yourself.

Through the RTM, you can benefit from greater transparency, financial savings, and executive control over choosing the contractors and service providers that work on your block. You’ll be able to set your own budgets and have peace of mind that you’re only hiring trustworthy contractors who will work to the highest standards. They’ll be no more surprises. You’ll be able to control what work is to be done on your block, as well as how, by who, and when.

If you’re not looking for total self-management, this isn’t an issue either. You can appoint a professional managing agent to work on your behalf. 

Best of all, obtaining the RTM is usually a simple process.

Most modern flats are eligible for the RTM process, but there are still some eligibility requirements that you should be aware of. Buildings must meet certain specifications and some factors can prevent buildings from being eligible. 

There are also a few steps involved in obtaining RTM and you can expect the process to take around five months from start to finish.

Our RTM Guide

For more information on RTM, see our comprehensive guide. We cover exactly what RTM is, why you might want to obtain it, eligibility, the RTM process, and setting up an RTM company. 

We also detail technical aspects such as:

  • The Notice Inviting Participation
  • The Claim Notice
  • The Counter-notice
  • The Right to Inspect
  • Predetermination and Post-determination Contracts
  • Landlord Duties
  • Exercising The Right to Manage
  • Service Charge Funds
  • The Approvals Process
  • Other RTM Obligations

If you’d like to see our full guide, access our Right to Manage PDF here.

At Adam Church Ltd, we offer Right to Manage services, block management, and financial management to blocks just like yours. 

If you’re considering an RTM application, we’d love to hear from you. We offer a no win, no fee service and are proud to have helped hundreds of leaseholders through the process.

Download Our Right to Manage Guide