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It’s time to make a change

Our no win, no fee service is putting the power back into the hands of UK leaseholders

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Expert block management

Expert block management

Freedom, choice and value

Say goodbye to your unethical, expensive, and uncaring freeholder or agent. At Adam Church, you decide who works for you with Right To Manage. Choose contractors and service providers you love which means you save money, get better services, and live a happier leasehold life.

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Take our hand

Our right to manage service is like no other. With the interests of leaseholders at its heart we walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Want to know more? Read our Right to Manage Guide.

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No Win, No Fee

We want to make your journey as easy as possible. That’s why we won’t charge you a penny until we’ve successfully won your RTM claim.

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Advice is Power

It’s not just about filling in forms. Right to manage can be a minefield of compliance. That’s why we’re available when you need us. It’s all part of the right to manage service.

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Rely on Experience

Thousands of leaseholders have already successfully taken the right to manage with us. We love helping UK leaseholders take back control.

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Above and Beyond

Right to manage doesn’t end at acquisition. Whether its managing the handover, interviewing and appointing a new agent, setting up your self-management systems or ensuring compliance and the safety of your residents, we’re here to help you be the best right to manage company you can be.

This could be you!

Here’s what some of our right to manage clients say about us…

  • quotes asset adam church

    “Adam and his team are approachable and honest, something that could not be said for the previous faceless giant of a company. I feel that my home, as part of the building, and indeed my own safety and security as a resident is being looked after.”

  • quotes asset adam church

    “After many years of poor service and escalating costs it was a relief to meet with Adam and find out
    about the RTM process.”

  • quotes asset adam church

    “The previous management company made very little effort in the handover process (and were
    arguably obstructive), yet the ACL team made every effort from the very beginning.”

  • quotes asset adam church

    “I’d have no hesitation in recommending Adam Church Limited to other leaseholders who feel let
    down by their current managing agents – definitely no regrets!”

  • quotes asset adam church

    “Adam and his team provided significant help and advice that enabled us to win the Right to Manage
    for our block of 105 apartments in Bristol last year; their support made the difference and gave our
    leaseholders the confidence to sign up in the knowledge that things would definitely be better if we

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